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Kempston Auto Transport specializes in the transport of motor vehicles and light trucks on their own wheels (not a carrier vehicle).  We offer door to door collection and delivery service for businesses , individuals and motor dealerships.  Our mission is to provide a cost effective, reliable solution, with a time saving benefit of delivery within 36 hours in the boundaries of South Africa.  We endevour to always put the customer and his or her assets first.

We offer vehicle transportation to and from national destinations across South Africa.  All vehicles transported are comprehensively insured and our professional drivers are in possession of a company ID document.  Our logistical team is available at all times while a delivery is in process and provide a 24 Hour GPS tracking report on request per journey to prove responsible driving, a safe journey and peace of mind.

We move vehicles for Hyundai & Kempston Transport Solutions to name but a few. 

We do not offer a carrier, truck or train transport service.

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